Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?
Steve Fox, Paul Armentano and Mason Tvert

Don’t get me wrong-I am 100% in favor of legalizing cannabis. And don’t get me wrong again, this book makes a clever,winning argument; if marijuana is safer than alcohol[the authors state that it is], why not make it legal under a tax and regulate scheme so people have an intoxication choice? Their argument is well supported by many peer reviewed studies.
People don’t overdose on cannabis. And people under the influence of cannabis as a group are less aggressively minded than people under the influence of alcohol as a group. Still this argument strikes me as snarky and not completely intellectually honest. Snarky because it elevates cannabis by attacking alcohol, an ad homineum or ad substantium argument. As a contrast, here’s Michael Pollan on alcohol-“Alcohol is a powerful and versatile drug and for most of human history was the most important drug in the pharmacopeia, literally” Not completely intellectually honest because cannabis is and will be abused more. The traditional arguments for legalization [the drug war has failed] are less clever but more neutral.