subtitled “Westchester’s Most Influential Weekly” [by analogy to “famous pizza” places]
is intriguingly good and bad-an old fashioned throwback to the local paper with a strong minded quirky editor.
Its mission statement is judicious: “We must carefully balance the presentation of relevant, hard-hitting Westchester news and commentary, with features useful in daily living and employment, in and around the county.” We must stay trim and flexible if we are to succeed“. So must we all.
John Simon, the world’s oldest curmudgeonly theater critic, has an “eye on theater column.” His review of Richard III/Twelfth Night: “But what he [Mark Rylance] does to the two Shakespeare plays he has mounted …
should not be done to a dog.” And a “current commentary” titled “Are Rich People Less Caring or More Defensive” by an author “successful enough in business to be counted as one of the less empathetic wealthy.” These stories are coupled with a review of a [Jerry] Garcia live album. I liked this paper’s lack of consistency and shame. Pick it up if you see it in a newspaper kiosk.