Spent a tourist day in Seattle.
Visited the Pike Place Market, a traditional tourist stop which deserves to be a traditional stop [kale flowers, cherry products, lavender and FISSSH] and the Experience Music Project which is located in Space Needle Park. Frank Gehry architected the building; color ever changing and allegedly based on guitars but like all of his creations it looks like “The Flying Nun’s” hat. Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana have their own musical shrines; the best part is a floor where you can play with drums, keyboards and guitars.
My anthropological impression? Seattle is Brooklyn; Brooklyn is Seattle. They are edgy out there [when you say to someone in Seattle that they have a high suicide rate, they not only agree but volunteer that they have many serial killers too] and dress like endearing 25 year olds, same as in Williamsburg. The men have tiny beards the size of postage stamps in the middle of their chins.
Both places are heavily into food and music. Both have skyscrapers; Seattle has mountains [nature’s skyscrapers?] too. The traffic is the same-nasty. Whether the Atlantic substitutes for the Pacific or vice versa is personal.
The balancing point-greenness versus weather. But don’t listen to me; get on a plane and decide for yourself. Tell them Becky sent you.