Just came back from the Marijuana Business [now Cannabusiness ] Conference in the Seattle burbs and two full days of panels. Here’s the bad news, the good news and a tip.
The bad news is that cannabusiness is very much a cash business; one speaker had his bank close his account after [I believe] 26 years. There’s no quick or easy solution in sight.The good and surprising news is that New York is predicted to enact a medical cannabis law next year. The tip is don’t use butane to make hash.

The conference had the euphoric glow of people who believe they are on the cusp of success and social change, a very potent combination. I decided that cannabusiness is very American in the classic and best sense of the word[Full Disclosure-I was an American Studies major in college because it was interdisciplinary and I am as the grandchild of immigrants a believer that this country is great]. Why? Cannabusiness is a new frontier; we Americans love to get in our covered wagons and head into the unsettled distance. And there’s lots of room for innovations [including ingenious child proof packaging]; we Americans love to tinker. God bless America and god bless cannabis.

Here is Michelle Goodman’s story about the conference published in Salon