Scene I: Helena, Montana. An outside deck with rock cliff as wall. Scenic scene
Six women, forties to fifties, who are on public art tour bask in sun. One woman, Madame X,a brunette, is from New York City. She is wearing black Converse sneakers
Madame A:[Staring at Madame X’s sneakers] You’ll need to buy boots when you move here.
Madame X: [Thrusting legs and feet in front of her] These are my Black chucks.
Madame A, B, C, D & E stare at sneakers in ambiguous silence.
Madame X: They’re very fashionable in New York this year. In fact I had trouble getting them. One store was sold out.
Madame C: I had a pair in college; I thought they were dorky.
Madame B: [peering at sneakers] They’re cute [a bit of a question]
Madame X: [regards everyone else’s footware realizes she is the only person wearing chucks]

Scene II; Helena. Montana. Last Chance Gulch Street
[Madame X walking down street. 19 year old boy walks past her]

19 year old boy [in passing]. Nice shoes.