Meet another candidate for the title of GLW [Great Living Writer] James Salter. He was featured in a Vanity Fair article about writers who hung out in the Hamptons together as a “writer’s writer.”
Just finished reading All That Is, his most recent book. The book is about a member of “the men who fought in World War II generation,” oh that’s right the “Band of Brothers” and his work life as a publisher and his love and sex life. I’m not inspired to discuss the plot.
But ah his sentences. He seems like he’s never stretching. For example…
“All night in darkness the water sped past” [first line of the book”
“The thing that appealed to him most about the house in Piermont was that it was like houses near the ocean” [local reference]
“Age doesn’t arrive slowly, it comes in a rush.”
I will try another Salter.