Nyack streets Street Fair litter hangover
Popcorn and napkins
Plastic forks
Fragments of food
Ketchup stains on the sidewalk

Overheard in Koblin’s Pharmacy
5-7ish girl to father
“Weren’t you a whiney kid”?

Benjamin Moore giving Nyack a paint lift

Johnnycakes before dawn
Equals Nighthawks

Twentysomething male
With daisy in ear

Another Gene Reed sign[sic][corrected]

In wine there is wisdom
In beer there is freedom
In water there is bacteria

and another

You don’t need to be crazy to work here
We’ll train you.

Lisa’s cheesecake at the Nyack Best Western

Monstrous cabbages at the community garden

John Ballard

A man touching his toes
While waiting for the bus

A man with a tam o shanter
With a yellow pom pom