So we performed Peter Pan last Friday and Saturday night at Memorial Park in Nyack. Except for the implications of my acting koan below, I won’t break my no personal drama in this blog vow.

All in all, I’ll give it a close enough for government work review especially my performance as Tootles, a lost boy [lost yes, boy?]. We lucked out with the weather because the heat wave broke and it didn’t rain. And how can you lose with the Hudson River as one of your boundaries? Peter Pan is a charming play with a theme that’s appealing to adults and children [wanting to/not wanting to grow up]. Because James Barrie apparently kept revising the script, the play has an open, malleable quality. But let it be known to any reader who thinks that being in a play is pure fun, it’s not unless you like repetition and hurrying up and waiting. Acting is for actors!