The Federal Trade Commission uses the title as a warning. Your mobile phone functions as a you tracking device.

Attended the Fourteenth Seminar on Privacy/Data Security organized by the Practising Law Institute. Every speaker noted its serendipitous timeliness.

The three key bullet points were the same ones I heard at Internet Week: BIG DATA, mobile phones and social networking. Cloud computing was next runner up. Since the conference was attended by a bunch of lawyers, the discussion focused on avoiding trouble and details.

Here’s what I’m chewing on:

If the FTC regulated the NSA [FTC is the agency that protects consumers], would they find the NSA’s actions were lawful? Our businesses are scrutinized more strictly than our government.

The traditional view is that businesses have more power than consumers? Has social media given consumers edge because of the amplified power to complain and companies’ fears of having their reputational status [another buzzword] affected?