held Tuesday in NYC with about 200 hundred participants.
I’ll start by repeating a theme of my February post on the MMJ Business Daily seminar. While there was some green, there were no Grateful Dead shirts and no tie dyed shirts. These people were serious but friendly business types. I don’t like repeating myself but the stoner stereotype still prevails.
I’m in this game because of the social justice of the cannabis issue but also because of the excitement around the cannabis issue and potential for creativity. Therefore, the speakers’ emphasis on the financial and criminal risks that still exist in getting involved with cannabis was a useful grounding in reality [which of course is for people who can’t handle drugs]. As one speaker put it, “if you’re here just to make money, there really are easier ways.”
The speakers delivered good content; the set-up was conducive for networking. My only criticism-we should stumping on California’s MMJ program. Somebody had to go first.