I visited the Montclair Art Museum to see The New Spirit : American Art in the Armory Show. That exhibit accomplished its purpose of showing the American art which was displayed in that historic exhibit. So, go if you haven’t been already; it closes Sunday.

Along the way  I got caught up in and excited by this ancillary exhibit which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Paterson Silk Strike. Oscar Bluemner exhibited in the Armory Show; his work has that modern [part Cezanne/part Cubist look] of the time.  These pictures moved me because he captured the look of Paterson, the town I was born in, the doppelganger of  Fair Lawn, the town I come from, the town where my Mom grew up and the town that is a trashed out wreck today. [I’m trying to put the horse back in front of the cart here]. My favorite sketch was of Garret Mountain where my Mom and Aunt Lil took me on Sundays.  It made me remember and that remembrance made it great art to me.