Reading The Weird Sisters with its family of readers made me think about why I read.

Starting with the obvious reasons:

I read because it’s fun.

I read because it was something my parents did.

I read because it’s a habit

I read because I’m a want to know-it-all

But then

I read because reading makes me feel safe.  This reason has a physical dimension. I’ve noticed that my sense of security is inversely related to the number of books I’m carrying around with me. I’m never without a book and sometimes have three. Do I suppose that if necessary I can hurl the books at someone/something?

I read  because reading makes me feel normalish. People in books think and talk about the dark stuff that we don’t say out loud except maybe to a therapist.  So I can read and then know that the people commuting with me  like me  sometimes feel regret, feel remorse, wonder what difference they made and try to understand that someday they will die.  This knowledge is a comfort for 3 am thoughts.

I read because I like happy endings.  Reading, like faith for some people, makes me hopeful.

Why do you read?