Act I
The Scene: New York City Chelsea apartment very white with large modern paintings on the walls and a view of the Empire State Building
The Time: February Wednesday night
Characters: Serious looking bunch of New Yorkers and me
Summary:Shakespeare acting class based on Speak The Verse led by Rhona Silverbush. Each class member works on and presents a monologue.
Review: Couldn’t help myself-spent most of the class gawking at the apartment and fantasizing that I lived there.

Act II:
The Scene: New York City-A [West] Greenwich Village library. A room in the basement fading yellow paint obviously used as a meeting space. Many chairs, a podium and those classic institutional tables.
The Time: Saturday noonish
Characters: Number of people and gender mix varies. Some actors, some people who like to read plays and me
Summary: Shakespeare acting by reading group coordinated by Jim Dingeman.Play is chosen [so far Hamlet, Richard II, Richard III, Comedy of Errors, Julius Caesar] Parts are assigned by act and by scene; participants alternate roles and genders.
Review: Shakespeare by Kindle, Ipad, cell phone [and print too].

Act III:
The Scene: New York City: An [East} Greenwich Village theater upstairs in a brownstone. The stage is set with sofas; a table in the middle is piled high with multiple copies of Shakespeare plays.
The Time: Wednesday April 17 afternoon
Characters: Ryan with clipboard, following play and tweeting on computer, three actors [two women, one with strappy sandals, one man] and me.
Summary: Shakespeare marathon produced by Facing Page productions.
Review: I came to be an audience member for a reading of King John but became an actor.

Act IV:
The Scene: Nyack. The living room one bedroom apartment facing the main street.
The Time: Various times
Characters: The cast of Slings and Arrows and me.
Summary: This Canadian cable/TV show is about the cast of a Shakespeare festival. The director is a former actor who lost it during a production of Hamlet and sometimes talks to the ghost of his former director. Each season they produce a different play. Found out about this through Greg who was a participant in Act III.
Review: Paul Gross is adorable!

Now the hard part-saying something about Shakespeare who I have decided again was the greatest writer in the English language combining great poetry and crowd appeal. OK, I have.