Most of the content I netflix doesn’t make it into this blog. First, I’m not paying complete attention as I watch. Second, when it’s done there isn’t anything to write about. Put disc in envelope, detach strip, close envelope, walk to mailbox. Wave goodbye. Wait for new Netflix to arrive in mail.
Take A Late Quartet for example. Setting the story within a classical string quartet and the acting of Catherine Keener, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Christopher Walken did not make the movie less predictable. I preferred The Dictator because I didn’t expect that end of the movie speech about how American should become a dictatorship.
These two movies are worth writing about.
Searching For Sugarman
Rodriguez is a talented musician who made two albums in the 70’s that didn’t do well in the United States. In South Africa, these albums were popular and influential, but there was little information available about him, and everyone thought Rodriguez had committed suicide. These documentary describes how a reporter and jewelry store owner solved the mystery of Rodriguez including discovering that he was still alive. When Rodriguez was on the screen, I felt as if I was watching a saint. Part of the reason was his simple lifestyle. But another part had to be the way he was filmed.
Hipsters Warning, this movie is a musical made in Russia about Russia in the 50’s. If you can deal with that,particularly the bright colors combined with Communism, it’s a Russian version of Grease [Communist stalwart falls in love with Hipster] with a jazz score and a serious but not West Side story tragic ending.