Who could ask for anything more from a day in the City!

Seeing Old Hats with Bill Irwin and David Shiner at the Signature Theater was the planned part. Bill Irwin lives in Nyack too, and we’re really tight-smileyemoticon here-we both work out in the Rockland Y. He’s a big lazy goof and a little like Fred Astaire; David Shiner is a silent comedian. The show is part circus and part slapstick and all funny. Oh and I had a walk on role; I held a baby until David Shriner retrieved it from me in a debate sketch. Go even if you can’t see me.


Wrestlemania was the unplanned part. The fun here was wondering why NJ Transit trains were so crowded on a Saturday afternoo and why so many straight men were dressed in costume. An Australian woman on her honeymoon explained; she and her new husband had agreed to Wrestlemania for him and Broadway shows for her. This ability to compromise bodes well fr them.