Rockland Equipment Co Inc
on Franklin Street
Sign advertising skin diving equipment
Romney/Ryan sign

Nyack is red
Red buds on tree outside my window
Red brick walkway

Nyack is not green yet
But wild onions along the bike trail
And empty Heineken bottles.

Sign at the Y-“Spring is nature’s way of saying Let’s Party.’

Nyack-town of parades-today the Little League Parade

Young woman
in gold high heels
And red belted raincoat
Entering brick building church

white jacket
scarf muffled to mouth
standing by the bus stop
so brave and vulnerable

Young woman walking dog
Jeans are more holes than jeans

Three Pieces of Nyack Dialogue All Starting With It:

it’s good karma
It’s a sickness
It looks too much like “Silence of The Lambs”

Russian Orthodox Church on the hill

Sign at Runcible Spoon-Please ask for cookie assistance

Bats swirling  against the gray sky between the bank and the Y

Guitar player singing “Why Must I Be A Teenager in Love” Outside of Starbucks.

Boat going down Main Street

Scissors & knife sharpener at the Farmers Market [and beef jerky]

Guitar player singing “King of the Road”

Read more books chalked on the Post Office Steps