Time for me to crawl a little further out of the cannabis closet

My mom was born in 1909 and died in 2006. She lived through two World Wars, the rise and fall of the Soviet Union, the creation of the atom bomb and television. I haven’t lived through as many momentous events, but I have experienced the effects of two social changes: the development and explosion of the Web and now the normalization of marijuana.

Since I’m not the first to note these changes, I don’t have to explore their causes. There are plenty of people with the interest and smarts to opine. But if someone asked me for the causes, I’d off the top of my head say fun and the coolness of cyberspace over reality [for the web] and California, then Colorado and Washington, and revenue and a need for a legal drug that improves reality as fewer people use tobacco [for marijuana].

As the marijuana momentum builds, so do events about the momentum. Last week I attended two. First, the Medical Marijuana Business Daily held a “New York Seminar for Investors & Entrepeneurs” in Soho. Speakers included Chris Walsh who provided data on MMJ businesses and Tripp Kefer who discussed investing in MMJ businesses. About 100 people in suits came; there was networking afterwards (which unfortunately I missed due to my long work day] There was a definite, focused, how can we make $$ here attitude in a nice way.

Second, NORML [National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws] held a Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference in Philly on the University of Pennsylvania campus. Kind of a gloomy, slush from the skies days but worth attending. The conference included panels on activism, medical research on marijuana [see snippet on cannabinoids below] and the political situation in New York and New Jersey. I was especially interested in Gabriel Sayegh’s discussion of why NY is so backward [the general craziness of New York].

Though these events could be distinguished by their constituencies[suits or jeans] they shared a common sense of optimism and excitement at being at the beginning of an adventure. I like being part of this.