David Owen is a contrarian and a skeptic. He’s a skeptic because he believes that we already know what to do to mitigate our environmental problems [consume less] but we don’t want to change the way we live. He’s a contrarian because he argues that what we think we’re doing to mitigate our environmental problems [be greener and more energy efficient] don’t work because we use the efficiency savings to consume at the same or a higher level.  As he says, “”modern life is mainly the product of our steadily growing talent for setting things on fire-wood, coal, oil, natural gas.”
What we think is environmentally healthy [living amidst nature] is bad because we’re stressing nature; what we think is environmentally  unhealthy [NYC] is good because we don’t drive. The Conundrum made me examine the choices I make the food I buy and  don’t eat and particularly my choice to live 60 miles each way from where I work and commute by myself. [his three mantras are live closer, live smaller and drive less]. I have my reasons for doing this but what I can do when not commuting is overcome my instinct to pop in my car every time I want  something. I can also ask myself if I am going to consume out of need or want and try to avoid want.   Change can  suck, but I believe this is worth doing.

P.S.-Note to myself-find out more about fracking.