[This post was prompted by a commercial for Barbie Blocks, the Barbie version of Legos ???, during the Doodlebops show [I divide children’s cartoon shows into shows that an adult would find amusing if intoxicated and shows tat an adult would not find amusing. This is a not show] I saw while doing my laundry.]

Raise your hand if you had 1 Barbie doll. Raise both hands if you had 2.

Why is Barbie the eternal doll? Because she’s so versatile? Because we all want to look like her? Because her design is aesthetically pleasing? Do you know?

I remember one of my high school friends had two girls, very close in age[less than a year]. She bought a Barbie for the older girl; the younger girl wanted a Barbie too and began chanting Barbie, Barbie.  My friend tried to tell her she was too young for a Barbie doll. After the millionth or was it the billionth chant , my friend  broke down and bought her a Barbie doll.  This story says something about the power of Barbie and something, I realize, about the power of sibling rivalry.