Yesterday, the Big Analytics Road Show came to the Sheraton Hotel in NYC. I went because they were talking about “big data” (as someone noted definitely a trending word); it was free and in NYC.

I left with some fun geek facts (did you know there is a programming language called R) and a better understanding of what “big data” is. “Big data” isn’t tall or heavyset; big data is a large amount of data. Think of the number of tweets ever tweeted or the number of grains of sand facing the Pacific ocean.

Question-Is big data TMI per se? or is it TMI for humans? Is there TMI for computers?

Another question-Is there any way to analyze “big data” qualitatively other than saying that it’s big?

“Big data”‘s trendiness comes from the potential for understanding and predicting “human behavior” so we can be better marketed to. The prediction part sounded familiar. That’s because it is familiar to any fan of Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy as the  forbidden science of psychohistory used to predict the fall of the Galactic Empire. Could Nate Silver be the first psychohistorian?