Since Wednesday..

This is Spinal Tap, Blazing Saddles,Lennie, Young Frankenstein, Reversal of Fortune & Planet of the Apes [the original]

Seeing Planet of The Apes qualifies as a movie milestone though I found it stilted. I’m also not a Charlton Heston fan. My favorite bits were the youth rebellion bits with the adolescent ape, the ending and the memories the movie inspired in other people.

“I saw Planet of the Apes on acid”

“I had a pick up truck. We put beer/soda in the back and then went to the drive in.”

“I was in a play on the Cape called “Planet of the Gays.” It ran for a whole year.”

“I watched reruns of the TV series when I was growing up”?

What’s your favorite Planet of the Apes memory?