[the Golden Gate bridge at Sunset]
[postmarked August 14, 1985]
[addressed to Family Kostka/704 Yaegerville Road/Naponnoch, NY 12458]
[14 cent stamp of Sinclair Lewis looking serious]

Dear all,
I can’t say I’ve seen the Golden Gate Bridge yet-but I will before I leave. Altogether having a fine time. We spent the weekend in San Francisco + Napa Valley (wine tasting) and now Mary + I are up the coast (North of SF) at Point Reyes. I don’t know if I’d like to move here-but it certainly is nice to vacation on the West coast. Our schedule has us returning to SF on Wednesday and camping for Thursday and Friday. The only problem at the moment is that I’m eating altogether too much and not exercising all that much
Bo rest illegible Car[rest illegible]

Question-Is there a way to associate this kind of ephemera with e-books?