This weekend marks the first NYC Moby Dick marathon. It was held at three different book stores; I attended the Sunday am session at the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe. I approve of the idea and was glad to learn about Housing Works which helps “homeless and low income HIV positive New Yorkers.”  Aside from that, I have less to say than I thought I would. People read, some better than others. The best was the reader of a chapter with a playlet between Ahab and the Carpenter. I left when they came to the end of this week’s assigned reading. The event did inspire me to read Moby Dick sort of but technically not backwards from the last chapter of our assigned reading to the end of where we had left off. I wonder if someone has read Moby Dick backwards but assume the answer is sure.


Chapter 104, the Fossil Whale, inspired me to visit the American Museum of Natural History and examine the fossils of whales. The caption for the fossils noted that the whale had evolved from land mammals that returned to live in the ocean. Why the change of heart. I’ll have to find out.