Get him off, no I mean figuratively as I surrender to Melville’s rhythm and the exciting car wreck of a story and the madness of Ahab who in addition to being a tragic hero/villain  represents the crazy person we all have in our lives.

This group has no intellectual slackers so the comments are valuable.  In the last class, one man said “I think I know the answer to this question, but is there a chapter in the book written from the whale’s point of view.”  Sadly, the answer is no, but what a creative creative writing exercise. And when we got to the last chapter of our assigned reading, a woman said “Forty some odd years ago, one of the questions on a high school final exam was “Discuss the symbolism and themes of “The Monkey Rope.””  Now I can finally answer the question.”Sheridan, our teacher, reminds me of a weaver because her comments connect our  disparate observations and connect the disparate narrative into the whole of a class.