Ever since the American Bar Association  transformed its annual essay contest into a haiku contest, I’ve  been trying to write haiku. But it looks like the haiku gene must be closely related to the athletics gene; I just can’t get that 5-7-5 beat down.

Here’s my best  haiku so far  [warning it sucks but has the syllables in the right places]

Hotel Morning

a jigsaw puzzle [5]

all my possessions scattered [7]

on the floor and bed [5]

And here are two almost haiku/haiku wannabees

And the winner is…

Can the sunrise top [5]

the fall leaves?  Can the fall leaves [7]

top the sunrise? [one short]


The True Purpose of Secaucus Junction Revealed

Not for weekday commuting[6]

Way station for Giants fans 7]

Sunday rush hour  [4]

This poem is a mess but there’s a haiku intent I swear.

If anyone knows of a remedial haiku class, please let me know.