I’m taking a  4 week level o improv class offered by The Pit on Saturday ams in the garment district[ of NYC of course] next door to the Big Bright Trading Company.  I highly recommend the Pit’s classes;  the teachers are good and supportive teachers and the class is a diverse and enthusiastic selection of humanity.

Try improv if you have some time, some $ and some spirit of adventure.  Acting talent is not necessary.  If you need reasons, here are a few.

  • You play non-athletic games with other consenting adults.
  • The mantra of improv is “Yes and…” In other words, you build on what other people say rather than throwing darts
  • You get to be funny in a non sarcastic wayand make people laugh
  • You live in the moment
  • As a result, your preoccupations, negative thoughts, stresses lighten and frequently vanish.

From the light to the dark.

Venting is  the spiritual opposite of improv. Venting is throwing darts composed of your anger, frustration and anxiety at another person who may be the agent of the cause for these emotions but is  not the cause and does not have the power of retribution. Venting has become so common and accepted  in our stressed out society that people will use the word just in the front of the word venting.

Venting is not OK. Let me repeat this; venting is not OK.  Venting is adult bullying. Venting does not help you understand why you are feeling these emotions so you won’t feel better. And you are guaranteed to make the ventee feel worse.  Stop venting; stop it now.