by E.L. James is the book everybody is reading and I’m reading too. Guess what-the draw is S & M ***(OK, maybe you knew that already) between the young, hot billionaire Christian Gray and the virginal (at the beginning of the book), self-deprecating, but once out of the virginal closet hot and wild Anastasia Steele.  So it’s a mass market version of The Story of O. My favorite parts so far are the S & M contract [and the spanking]. Can you imagine drafting them for a living? There’s also a personal connection for me since I was once auditioned for sex slavery (Reader- I did not get the part).

Labor Day P.S.-I’ve finished the book which ends with a dramatic sex scene (of course) and a dramatic break up because they want different things out of the relationship (S&M vs. romance). The question I’m analyzing is whether this book passes the Rhett/Scarlet test (I dare you to find the woman who didn’t want them to get back together). Frankly, I’m not sure. Even as bad boys goes, Christian is a real piece of work. But maybe Anastasia is meant to cure him through TRUE LOVE.

P.S. Another question (sorry can’t help myself)-Would a man voluntarily read this book?

Note-The correct terms is BDSM[bondage,discipline, sadism, masochism]