A male, college student age, roller skating on Main Street at 3:00 am.

Sign in Vinyl Lounge store window ” Will Be Closed Filet Bidet Weekend !! [Note-this store closed; as they put it “We’re out of here!”

A woman walking down the street holding a cymbal in her left hand

A police car coffee klatch

Long Island Drum Shop

Gene Reed embroidered pillows-Whatever you are be a good one; Be yourself; everybody else is already taken; masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting; my life has a superb cast but i can’t figure out the plot; due to recent cutbacks, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off; teaching: not in it for the income, in it for the outcome

A skunk crossing South Broadway Saturday am

A man carrying a woman over his shoulder

A rose bush with a pink rose in front of  aThai restaurant

One am drunken girl ecstasy-I’m so drunk! I’m so drunk!

A 20 something male with a black eye

The Famous Nyack Street Fair

Sunday night preaching streaming out the window from the church across the street

Empty Rockland Cleaners. Empty Riverspace. Empty Chef’s Market. Empty Michelangelos. Empty Madisons.

Dogs and baby carriages.

Weekend swarms of bicycle riders.


Always the view of the river.  Always a slice. The view from the top of the hill that takes you into town. The view between buildings from the bench in front of the Y

Three middle aged women walking down the street-“He’s a sad soul.”

Car with cat in front seat. Bumperstickers: Obama 2012; Poems are dangerous.

Nyack-the town of n’er do wells

Nyack-more restraining orders per square inch

The path at Nyack Beach seems as if it could go to the end of the world. The Hudson is blue and gray and brown.

Moody woman feeling crazy sitting on the curb smoking a cigarette

The bars.

People speaking and singing Haitian

You get used to seeing people every day and then they disappear.

The Nyack Community Garden

The 7:38 am 9A rush hour for day laborers and dish washers

The parades

The funky exercise equipment at the Y

The sunrise and sunset across the river

There’s the Halloween parade of course-supposedly second only to the one in Greenwich Village- going on today.  Being without a costume feels odd. So far, I’ve seen an Indian, two spidermen, a witch, a construction/road worker, a referee and a fairy princess, penguins, the devil, a pirate, wonder woman, another princess, a cave man and woman but  things are just getting underway. The store windows are also decorated; the bank across the street displays Vermeer’s “Girl With A Pearl Earring.” Other window displays include sailor kissing girl, skeleton astronaut on the moon, defaced Mona Lisa in pink and green and ghost Pilgrim with turkey   I predict that the looming arrival of Hurricane Sandy will add a special something to the event.

A historical note from A Nyack native-While this year’s parade was enjoyable, he is nostalgic for the first parades because they were adult only and apparently had some wild costumes.  He also reminisced about a party held at the theater [that was replaced by the defunct Chef’s Market] when he was dressed as a “mad monk” and the host, dressed as Frankenstein, drove his motorcycle through the theater.

This week, an ABC Family pilot called Socio [title indicates plt]was filmed in Nyack. Nyack is a regular setting for TV shows and movies because of its picturesqueness and I’m guessing the number of people in the town in and around show business. I was surprised at  how many trucks and people and how much equipment goes into making what you see in that little box. I watched the rehearsal of a street encounter between the teenage girl [blonde]. the sociopath [a mansome boy with a ponytail and a curl hanging loose] and the geek [ a boy who wore a teeshirt with “insert witty saying here” printed on it”] . The teenage girl who was strolling down the street with the geek left him for the sociopath but not before giving him a hug.

Just from observing the dumb show through the window of JohnnyCakes, you could tell that the geek had a crush on the teenage girl, that the teenage girl thought they were just friends, that the geek had his suspicions about the sociopath and that the sociopath had his suspicions about the geek. The clarity of the scene was not because of the acting but because TV imprints deeply [maybe it is our collective unconscious].

Note-Feel free to skip

[Keeping this blog has taught me that reproducing a conversation or series of words exactly as they were spoken or written is difficult. What I thought the sign said till I went back and checked was “Closed Filet Bidet Weekend” The mind or eye or ear approximates what you saw or  heard and convinces itself that your  semi-accurate memory is 100% accurate [This point was a theme of Subliminal-see “My Cultural Habits” post].  The legal system still relies on and often prefers the observations of humans but is slowly [the law is a slow, slow learner] realizing that  the memory is a trickster and that eyewitness testimony, a high point of prosecutors’ cases,  should be evaluated for those erroneous approximations.