where a few breasts not mine were displayed*

with nipple covers.

How did I hear about this event?  The answer is in a NY throwaway paper.  The event was sponsored by GoTopless.org, an organization which “claims that women have the same constitutional right that men have to go bare-chested in public. ” Sunday was International Go Topless day. The event was held in Bryant Park which, by the way, is a good place to kill time on a nice day. There are plenty of tables and chairs, coffee, a reading room, chess, and kubb (look it up).

The event itself was hard to see because the leader  was surrounded by a bra of photographers. I know she had red hair and big breasts[all of the women who went topless did], with silver armour like nipple covers and the ultimate chant when they took to the streets was “Free Your Breasts, Free Your Mind.”

Some other impressions:

A man holding a sign which said “Creepy Guy Contingent.”

A young man wearing a salmon colored bra  “People ask me to take this off. I say men should wear bras to see how uncomfortable they are.”

A woman heckler. Bare chested, blonde hair, cowboy hat, painted on mustache. “Why don’t you talk about how you think aliens created the world. I just don’t buy it. I walk my titties in New York City. I run topless in the Bronx. My friends tell me to stop. This isn’t a rally; it’s a production.”

And as the women turned to the street, a man “Five women and a hundred photographers.”

Here’s some  video from the event.

P.S. from my visit to NYC. White  chalk on the passage way leading from the GWB to the A train. “This world makes me sick.”