I like Glee which I watch through Netflix in a massive dose [overdose?].

What is about Glee that’s so appealing? There’s the theme song which gets stuck in your head like a Pavolovian command. There’s all the musical numbers so the show is like watching a radio program.

And there’s the angst.  There’s no angst like teenage angst. When Buffy came out, a friend told me I should watch Buffy because “it’s Beverly Hills 90210/teenage angst with vampires” [note-Entertainment Weekly rates Buffy as the best cult TV series of all time.] Beverly Hills 90210 had so much angst-drugs, alcohol, ever switching hook ups,people leaving, people coming back-it flowed out of the TV set. All that angst  made for compelling TV for many seasons. Glee works because it’s Beverly Hills 90210 with music. Simple.

PS-Here’s my favorite number from Glee.