This week’s cultural consumption included

Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The exhibit created a duet of these designers’ clothes with some arty theoretical scheme I forget. The pleasures of this exhibit included my company and the fantasy opportunity to pluck items from the exhibit for your closet. What shoes! What weird masks (called seriously “head concepts”) on the heads of the mannequins!

Beer Here at the New York Historical Society.  This exhibit provides an overview of the history of beer and beer making in NYC from colonial times to the 60’s. At the end of the exhibit is a bar with scheduled micro brew beer tastings.  The rakes and other utensils for hop growing and ice making and the beer trays didn’t do much for me.

Nyack Film Festival at the Nyack Village Theater. The Nyack Village Theater is located on Main Street on the second floor of the Woolworth Building. I admire its impresario Richard Quinn who reminds me of a brunette Denis the Menace in the most complimentary way. The theater seats 49 people. Today, the projector which had worked Friday and Saturday decided to stop working. A new projector was found, mounted on a ladder which was steadied by an upside down was tub, and everything was secured with duct tape. The effort for the show to go on was collaborative.  After a performance by the Budari Dance Company,  I saw three films:Alienated (aliens meet the mob), Friends and Strangers ( older man takes young woman to his children for Thanksgiving) and Perfidia (adolescents meet, make art together and die). The cast of Alienated came for the performance, and it was fun to match them to them on the screen.

This was the highpoint of my cultural week because it was real and not a clever tourist trap.  Thanks Richard for your unceasing zeal.