Before reading my entry, click here to see the fabulous cover for this book.

On Sunday, I was present at the book launch which was very appropriately held at the Elephant Hotel in Somers, New York, a leafy and serene Westchester town {Full disclosure-I’m from across the river in Nyack] Please note elephant perched on Washington monument like shaft in front of hotel. A great circus trick. The tables were strewn with peanuts, and a leopard skin (?) had been brought down from the third floor circus museum for the event.

Except for saying that Somers has long and deep associations with the circus as demonstrated by the number of people who came and  that the poems play on these associations, I won’t describe  what’s in the book. Buy a copy.  The author, Jo Pitkin, grew up in Somers. At the book launch, after gracious thanks, she read two poems. They were merry like a circus. She then chatted and signed books. It was a good way to spend a Sunday.