Fortune Cookie:

Interpretations and memories are likely to be incorrect.

Drift-The advance reviews state that Americans should read this book. I agree. Madow argues that our Constitution was designed to make waging war difficult but inch by inch we have allowed our war making to become perpetual and invisible. Ronald Eeagan and his cronies deserve much of the credit [why was he elected president] for successfully advancing a theory that allowed the President to begin a war without receiving the constitutionally required authorization of Congress. But all of his successors including Obama have either used this theory or added their own refinements to the war machine including outsourcing.  In addition to refreshing my recollection of Grenada and Iran contra, the book contains a very scary chapter about our nuclear weapons. Did you know six bombs have exploded?  I didn’t Another why-why haven’t we destroyed them. This book turned me into a concerned citizen and even if it only lasts the weekend, it’s a strong recommendation for this book.