has been on my to read list since it appeared in my parent’s house (my house/the house of my childhood). Check.

It was a well-researched, well-written book no more, no less.  The story of the decline and fall of the Russian monarchy was less exciting than expected. Maybe the literary ennui was caused by the weather [this weather is making me really cranky) or because the gory story of Rasputin the mad monk who wouldn’t die is already familiar. The thesis is based on for want of a nail [if Alexis didn’t have hemophilia..] Massie also seems to want to rescue Nicholas and Alexandra from being considered stupid when they were really weak and wrapped up with their son’s illness. I chmped through the book like a human garbage disposal.

Spawned Questions:

Alternative history of the Russian revolution: Of course

Cause of Hemophilia-related to F8 or F9 gene.