which has plenty of quiet, ample air conditioning and a view of the Hudson if you position yourself in the right spot.

I’m writing this entry to help establish the regular writing habit of writing daily for some amount of time.

This Week’s Reading:

Absolute Monarchs: A History of The Papacy. This book is, as it says, a history of the popes of the Catholic church (though papacy is a cooler word). What struck me, other than the drama of antipopes, is how many popes there were (it seems to be a life shortening job) and how complicated the history of Europe and Italy in particular is compared to our straightforward history (colony, American Revolution, Civil War).

The Sisters Brothers- an absolutely smashing book and a western. I owe this find to Kramer Booksi n DC one of my two favorite bookstores. It was one of their piles. During my visit there, I learned that westerns are in vogue though I don’t quite remember how.

Why do I like this book so much when I’ve never been a Western fan except for maybe True Grit? I like it because of the writing style and the narrator who is a sensitive melancholy killer. He’s also fearlessly honest, which you don’t see much in real life, like Mattie in True Grit. He {Eli] and his brother Charlie who is less sensitive have a complicated relationship. The book also has a happy ending; the two brothers successfully having killed rather than being killed but broke and missing part of an arm return to their mother’s house. Read this book!

Maybe I should start a Western book meetup.