Good morning,

It’s been a noisy Nyack weekend. When I came home on Friday night, from one of my windows, I saw someone lying in the street in front of the Black Bear (it turns out he had been knocked out in a bar fight) being tended to and two people playing banjo in the other window. I thought this would be a good activity till the gym opens.

I’ve kept journals but never a blog. I’ve always enjoyed the sheer feeling and flow of writing and hope  this will provide some satisfaction. I plan on not getting too personal here (in the sense of calling out people) and not talking abut work. These nots should keep me out of trouble.

[8/25 addition-One reader asked if the blog had an overarching theme or concept. My tastes are eclectic; rather than sticking to one topic, I want to use this blog to flex my eclectic soul and write about whatever has caught my attention be it written, human or visual]