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refulgent =” shining brightly, radiant, gleaming” from

Used in a sentence: Forsythia are the refulgent locks of spring.



Do you have a bucket list? I do, but my bucket list is created inductively rather than deductively when I realize something should be on my bucket list and then do it. Seeing the Grand Canyon was my first item; going to a Wednesday matinee preview of this revival was my second.

People who think this is the perfect musical are either thinking of Julie Andrews or Audrey Hepburn. Rex Harrison, of course, is the constant. I am in the Julie Andrews camp because of the perfection of the soprano. BTW, Audrey Hepburn didn’t really sing [Marni Nixon did.]

This was a worthwhile bucket list experience. The songs, which are still witty and lyrical, came wrapped in the costumes and setting that you get at a Broadway show. And I sat so close to the stage that I could see into the orchestra pit. When you see a production, you realize that Henry Higgins is not hard to act as long as the actor has good English diction and can sort of sing. Even in this Me Too era, Higgins’ attitude toward women isn’t an issue because he can be portrayed as seriously misguided or even deluded. Eliza Doolittle, on the other hand, is a difficult and schizophrenic role because she has to be a convincing ragmuffin and a convincing lady. I thought Lauren Ambrose did a good job of showing the intelligence and determination of Eliza. Lauren-ignore the legendary shadows, you go girl.

On Sunday, I attended a workshop on “The Math of Joke Writing” taught by Jess Adamiak. Since we’re talking show biz here, a plug/shout out to the Brooklyn Brainery* which offers low price, high quality classes on cooking, crafts, life hacks etc and to Jess who was an excellent and organized and comedically talented instructor. We spent part of the class writing jokes. Writing jokes isn’t easy but is fun if you’re a verbal type and therapeutic because of the uplifting effect of trying to think funny. Nothing bubbling up from the subconscious here. I’m not going to devalue Jess’s comedy trade secrets by telling you what she covered. But for a non-explanatory taste, the structure of jokes is 1) Set up, 2) Angle, 3) Punchline. And comedians, like other creative types, [BUT NOT Donald Trump], need to tweet.

Want to get started? Here’s a set up:

March is National Celery month.

* I wish the Brooklyn Brainery would consider franchising. All roads may lead to Brooklyn but not everybody lives there.


snowhaustion=physical and mental fatigue caused by successive late season snowstorms combined with getting around in an urban area. The condition id exacerbated by media weather reports.
Used in a sentence. “I’m snowhausted. Aren’t you?”

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Greater Gotham, a history of New York City from 1898 to 1919, is the sequel to Gotham, a history of New York City from its origin to 1898. Greater Gotham is magisterial. One aspect of its magisterialness is the top down subdivision into themes and then its top up meticulous detail. Another aspect is its combined scholarly and wise ass tone.

Gotham covered a 300 plus year timespan. Great Gotham covers 21 years. The afterword notes that the sequel to Greater Gotham [Very Great Gotham?] will cover 26 years. The time lapse between Gotham and Greater Gotham was 18 years. Will this series of ever end or is it another example of Zeno’s paradox?

While I commute by automobile, I ponder the human activity of traffic. Many days and especially at night, the other vehicles seem like wild animals particularly SUVs which are metal rhinoceroses.I am afraid of being eaten. Could it be that our traffic behavior comes from the survival instincts in our deep hunter gatherer brains? Lucky we don’t drive in packs.