This is a just saying post. By WASP, I mean White.Anglo Saxon.Protestant. A friend and I independently asked this question. When I did a Google search, the first page of results included one Wikipedia entry, many entries about wasps the insect and one entry about a band. Has the sole criterion of money replaced ancestry as the designation of an elite class? Or is a byproduct of greater tolerance for differences in groups and less tolerance for labelling? Or are they becoming extinct?


I’m intrigued by the spam I receive for this blog because I don’t understand why the spam attaches to certain messages and how or by who the content is generated. The writing is unoriginally original. It reminds me of the monkeys who recreate Hamlet by randomly typing on typewriters minus the infinite part. Or maybe messages from alien civilizations. Here are the four most recent examples:

In Response To March Vocabulary Lesson-Snowhaustion:

There are 3 musical pipes, then when you achieve the bonus round,
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at the same time especially North America to easily spot baccarat tables in nearly every casino.
There are some games that you could learn and master, providing you with (the gamer) the edge.

In Response To A Cannabis Dispensary Opens in the Bronx:

It is not a a dangerous thing to determine this type of large numbers of chronic pain patients turning to an alternative solution technique of pain alleviation, medicinal marijuana.
However, if you achieve the number, be sure to check it while using state registry.
They claim to get all the licenses, which can make their
card valid in a medical cannabis dispensary of the specific state.

In Response To March Vocabulary Lesson-Snowhaustion:

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In Response To March Vocabulary Lesson-Snowhaustion:

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Humans are mammals. Mammals use their mouths to grasp and carry food, babies etc.mouth. So, humans are physiologically capable of using their mouths to carry and certainly made use of this feature in our evolutionary path.

But humans are now upright. We can use our hands to grasp and carry. We have also created clever devices to carry like pockets and purses. So, isn’t carrying stuff in your mouth verboten? I thought it was something dogs were taught to do and children were taught not to do.

In the past 5 years [I’m not going to link this to the last election], I’ve noticed a trend of adults carrying various items including money and tickets in their mouth. Leaving aside the germs and etiquette, my question is why. How does this aid in the the survival of the fittest now? Is it because we need to compensate for the displacement of carrying capacity caused by our constant possession of a mobile device? Is it ease or desperation ? Please explain.

try The Red Sparrow Trilogy [the books not the movie] by Jason Matthews. Unlike The Americans, Red Sparrow, the mole, is working for the Americans. But like Joe Weisberg, Matthews is ex CIA so the books are accurate in matters of surveillance, counter intelligence and ballistics. Like the Americans again, Red Sparrow has murder and honey pots. While Red Sparrow doesn’t have family or friendship or EST dynamics,the books do have some wry and relatable portraits of Russian and American bureaucrats. Finally, they have tasty-sounding recipes, one per chapter;Elizabeth always struck me as a disinterested cook.

from his unfinished novel The Pale King

The underlying bureaucratic key is the ability to deal with boredom. To function effectively in an environment that precludes everything vital and human. To, breathe, so to speak without air.
The key is the ability, whether innate or conditioned, to find the other side of the rote, the picayune, the meaningless, the repetitive, the pointlessly complex. To be, in a word, unborable. I met in the years 1984 and ’85, two such men.
It is the key to modern life. If you are immune to boredom, there is literally nothing you cannot accomplish.

What a way he had with commas.

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refulgent =” shining brightly, radiant, gleaming” from

Used in a sentence: Forsythia are the refulgent locks of spring.


Do you have a bucket list? I do, but my bucket list is created inductively rather than deductively when I realize something should be on my bucket list and then do it. Seeing the Grand Canyon was my first item; going to a Wednesday matinee preview of this revival was my second.

People who think this is the perfect musical are either thinking of Julie Andrews or Audrey Hepburn. Rex Harrison, of course, is the constant. I am in the Julie Andrews camp because of the perfection of the soprano. BTW, Audrey Hepburn didn’t really sing [Marni Nixon did.]

This was a worthwhile bucket list experience. The songs, which are still witty and lyrical, came wrapped in the costumes and setting that you get at a Broadway show. And I sat so close to the stage that I could see into the orchestra pit. When you see a production, you realize that Henry Higgins is not hard to act as long as the actor has good English diction and can sort of sing. Even in this Me Too era, Higgins’ attitude toward women isn’t an issue because he can be portrayed as seriously misguided or even deluded. Eliza Doolittle, on the other hand, is a difficult and schizophrenic role because she has to be a convincing ragmuffin and a convincing lady. I thought Lauren Ambrose did a good job of showing the intelligence and determination of Eliza. Lauren-ignore the legendary shadows, you go girl.